Your main job is to help a creator to improve his/her app(s).
We know it's not an easy task that's why our goal is to make it easy for you and to reward for your work and your energy.

For that, we need you to follow this 3 principles:

Be honest, be clear, be helpful

1) Be honest

A test takes a bit of your time and most of the creators are probably in a rush to get the results.
So we ask you to only take part of a test when you are available and ready to do it.

Don't worry, if you say no, we will still ask you for the next test matching your profile.
You will receive your reward once the mission is done and you have filled everything.

Participate only once to the same test.

2) Be as clear as possible

One of the main difficulty is the communication. You or the creator may not be an english native. Everyone has its own knowledge and culture.
So you need to communicate in the most simple way, simple words, simple sentences, so that everyone can understand each other.
Even better, add an image or a video to explain your case.

3) Be helpful

When you have a bug or an unexpecting behaviour try to find out why. It's easy to fix a bug with a scenario, it's really hard without it.

In all circumstances please take the time to explain, keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to make the best app ever.
Being helpful does not mean being too nice, you need to be honest, so the creator can better understand how you use the app and why you do or don't love it.
But never harm or denigrate an app.

On the other hand we will provide everything to help you and to reward you as fair as possible.

In case you need more information or you don't understand or you don't agree with the rules contact us at