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Welcome to the Testify Community

We are creator ourselves, we made a few mobile apps and websites. We know how difficult it is to release a new product, a new service or even a main feature. Without talking about the technical difficulties it's hard to find users and be sure their experience is flawless, with no major bugs or misunderstandings.

From these experiences, we created Testify. Our goal is simple: find the best matching people to test an app and to give any useful report to the creator. We do it for every kind of app: a website, a mobile app or any desktop software...

Turn feedbacks into assets

Take the chance to get honest feedback to create the best app ever. We want to give you the tools to validate your product, find your future users and fix all major bugs.

Validate your idea

Validate your app or a feature by providing a prototype or a beta version of your app. Ask questions from a custom form or via a quick call.

Find potential users

One of the easiest way to find your future users is to ask them to test your app. Create a testing profile matching your potential users so we will find them for you.

Find bugs

Before going to production, you need to make sure the user experience is flawless. That is hard if you don't have a dedicated team for that. Testers will find all the bugs they can so you can fix them easily.


Other than bugs, users can find some UX/UI issues. Actually, they are the only one who can do it. We will report every problems the testers will address.

Your app. Your test.

Choose your testers

Create a test profile so we can find testers matching that profile. Choose from age, work, gender, device... to find your future users.


Create a test scenario to list all the actions of the tester or let him use the app freely. Both approch have their own advantages. You can adapt it for each tester.


You can choose to create a custom form to get specific feebacks from testers. We can help you to get started on your form.


You can also call some testers to hear directly from them. It can help you to better understand their inner feelings after using your app.

Get feedbacks easily

  1. Create a tester profile

    The first step is to create a testing profile. You can be very accurate in your choice.

  2. We will find matching testers

    Once the profile is done, we will start looking for testers. We have a database ready for you. If your choice is very specialized we will enlarge our testers base to find the best matchs.

  3. Start test

    Create a customize form or select from a standard one.

    Create a scenario or let the user use the app as he wants.

  4. Get feedbacks

    At the end of the mission, you will find a complete dashboard listing all bugs and user frustrations. It also include a few charts to better understand how testers had use, understand and sense your app.


  • One formula
  • Feedbacks
  • Testing scenario
  • Customizable form
  • Dashboard
  • Summary of all feedbacks

  • Up to 70% to the tester
  • Select
  • Visio
  • Feedbacks
  • Direct call to the tester

  • Up to 70% to the tester
  • Select

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